A new (lower cost) approach

A new approach to the development of Finacial Market systems that leverages rapid prototyping in Excel compilation of spreadsheets to functional code

One of the problems when the Financial Crisis started was that a very large number of product models were defined in Excel spreadsheets that were designed for the initial pricing. They did not allow summary information (systemic and dependencies) to be extracted easily or valued continuously for Profit/Loss and Risk Exposure.

The core Excel problem is that it is not very good for auditable records (can change (accidentally)) or remaining current (e.g. when ticker codes change). Equally IT systems generally failed because it takes much too long to convert a Trader/Quant spreadsheet into an IT system, and then takes too long to amend. The Catch-22 is that you don’t know if the Spreadsheet model will ever make enough money to justify the IT system until you’ve started to trade.

The Cephei approach is different because it provides a fast Excel add-in that does not "freeze" while calculating in parallel. Cephei models can be transferred to real-time pricing and risk-management system without being re-implemented and without compromising IT systems with unmaintainable spreadsheets. Cephei achieves this by generating code from the Excel model.

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Excel and SDK documentation is available online together with downloadable help



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